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Photographie Cinéma



Date de parution : 29/10/2007

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Nombre de pages : 440

Langue : ANGLAIS

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Le livre ANSEL ADAMS 400 PHOTOGRAPHS, écrit par ADAMS ANSEL, édité par LITTLE BROWN US coute 48,00 €.

Livre neuf. Ansel Adams 400 Photographs. Des premiers travaux des années 1920 aux derniers clichés des années 1960...
Ansel Adams was always in motion, always ready to laugh, always gentlemanly. He was a big, bearded man dressed in work pants and a colorful shirt, with his signature Stetson. After a morning in the darkroom, he would emerge beaming, holding up a dripping wet print, and announce,  I think I got it ! . Occasionally the piano would call, and he would sit down at his beloved Mason & Hamlin to commune with Bach or Scriabin. But it was photography in the great American wilderness that set his mind and body racing. (...)
Adams had a rare gift : he was able to transform geographic reality into transcendent emotional experience. How did he accomplish this? Through hard work and experience, he developed a technical mastery that allowed him to photograph with facility and confidence. He could make a photograph in the rain or even in a snowstorm, and he could photograph a mountain thirty miles distant or a stump white frost at his feet. In a pinch, he could even photograph a moonrise without a light meter, knowing only the candles per square foot of the moon. Moreover, his skills in the darkroom were unsurpassed, and he could make a gorgeous print from any negative, even a negative with problems.
Andrea G. Stillman,  The long view  in Ansel Adams, 400 photographs, Little, Brown and Compagny, p. 7 et 8.

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