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Architecture Urbanisme


MARK # 36

Date de parution : 01/02/2012

Nombre de pages : 222

En Résumé :

Le livre MARK # 36, écrit par COLLECTIF, édité par coute 22,62 €.

Revue d'architecture bimensuelle tournée sur les projets actuels d'envergure à l'international.

Sommaire :

Cross Section

New work by: Erick van Egeraat, Behles & Jochimsen, Tato Osaka, Giancarlo Mazzanti, Lussi+Halter, Tomohiro Hata, 24H Architecture, Grasso and Le Quernec, Frank Gehry, Group A, Nord, Kimihiko Okada, Rudy Ricciotti, Lukas Lenherr, Juan Agustin Soza, dmvA, Bedaux de Brouwer, Kadawittfeld, 123DV, Takeshi Hosaka, Vaum Arquitectos, Zanderroth, Architectural, Herzog & de Meuron


Portraits of: TYIN (Trondheim), Reiulf Ramstad (Oslo)

Long Section

- OMA in Ithaca: Milstein Hall is the first new building to open at Cornell AAP in over a century.

- Allied Works Architecture in Denver: A museum built to house the work of painter Clyfford Still is a poured-in-place monolith.

- Mobile Phone Applications: Don't have a smartphone yet? Whether you want to improve your workflow or just procrastinate in style, it's time to get one.

- Takeshi Hosaka in Yokohamka: Daylight House is so tightly packed into a space confined by taller buildings that Takeshi Hosaka very cleverly put the windows on the roof.

- Ai Weiwei and Herzog & de Meuron in Ordos: The ambitious Ordos100 project, for which Ai Weiwei and Herzog & de Meuron drummed up 100 international architects in 2008, has yielded little result.

- Sou Fujimoto in Tokyo: Architect Sou Fujimoto and engineer Jun Sato joined forces to design a delicate frame that holds a balancing act of several small storeys above and next to one another.

- Jean-François Rauzier in Paris: An artist uses thousands of photographs to build unique worlds.

- Suppose Design Office in Hiroshima: House in Saka is less shut off from the outside world than it seems to be at first glance.

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