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The fabric of images. European paintings on textile supports in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth centuri

Date de parution : 01/01/2000

Editeur :

Archetype Publications Ltd

Nombre de pages : 118

En Résumé :

Etude collective de la technique de peinture sur support textile aux 14e et 15e siècles, présente aux côtés de la peinture sur panneaux...

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During the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, painting on textile supports was carried out side by side with panel painting all over Europe. So few works survive that this important aspect of artistic production has been overlooked, especially in Italy, and the appearance of these rare paintings is frequently misunderstood.

This volume of essays by conservators and art historians adopts an interdisciplinary approach to visual and written evidence in order to reconstruct what can be known about original display, function and painting technique.

This book defines a new subject area that has implications for both conservation practice and historical study.

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